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Dance Flow Etiquette & LIVE MUSIC Etiquette

Updated: 2 days ago

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DANCE FLOW ETIQUETTE & LIVE MUSIC ETIQUETTE We welcome everyone. We want to create a friendly, safe, respectful environment on and off the dance flow with good quality dancing.


  1. LIVE MUSIC: The first song played by the orchestra, everyone should remain sit it. After the first song, everyone is welcome to dance.

  2. We use cabeceo / mirada.

  3. We encourage you to dance with new dancers.

  4. “No Thank You” is an acceptable answer.

  5. Respect others’ right to decline a dance.

  6. You may stop a dance at any time for any reason.

  7. Respect the line of dance and keep it moving.

  8. Use cabeceo to enter the floor.

  9. Let your partner know if they are hurting you.

  10. Refrain from doing moves that may hurt you, partner, and/or those around you.

  11. Do not give unsolicited feedback.

  12. If you bump into anyone, apologize.

  13. Aerials or lifts are not permitted.

  14. If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please let organizer know.


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