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Why is it important to practice every dance steps?

Dancing Increases Strength And Endurance.

When you dance, you move your body in ways that require your muscles to resist your body weight. Completing steps, leaps, twists, and turns are all ways you build muscle through the resistance of your movement.


Work on your foundation

Level 1: Fundamentals – Practice

You do not need a dance partner to practice.  You can practice around your house.


Work on your steps

Level 2: Working On Steps - Practice

Practicing your steps by yourself, it will help you to understand the techniques of the steps.


Practice, practice...

Level 3: Practice your Dance

Create your own practice time with friends or go to milongas.


Coming Soon

More details to come.


Coming Soon

More details to come.


Student Exhibition

Dance Is Powerful.  Throughout history, humans have used dance to celebrate and express themselves.  Student Exhibition is for all levels and all ages.