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Argentine Tango In San Antonio, Texas


CALL: (210) 413-4671 



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Angela Avila and Roy Montejano

Tango Social Dance Exhibition

December 2020

San Antonio, Texas

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We focus on building leading and following skills, so that you not only can dance with your dance partner
but also anybody outside the class.

See What People are Saying...

"During the holidays break I decided to take some face-to-face classes with Angela. What can I say? There is always something to learn in tango and I cannot think of a better person to learn from than her.

Thank you, Angela, for not giving up." ~GA

"I just took my first private lesson today! I had THE BEST time!!!! Learning the tango has been in my bucket list for years. I can’t wait to go back next week !!!!!"  ~ZC

"Taking virtual private lessons with Angela has been such a wonderful experience. We are working on technique, pivots, and adornos… what a refreshing experience being able to work on correcting my form and on learning new steps online – something new to me that she has made very enjoyable.

1 adorno down, onto next one!!!"  ~SB

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