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Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone who came from near and far to join us at our 2nd Annual San Antonio Tango Festival. All of you made it a successful, an energetic, warmth, friendly and exciting event.

Thank you to our teams, The instructors, Djs, Audio System specialists (Tim Hall and Fil Cruz), Front Desk (Rebeca De Lima and Linda Strano), Room Monitors (Penny and Mario Cortez), the Urban-15 Dancers, the Evolution Tango Performers, the vendors, Linda Strano and Donovan Burton (Asado House) and everybody that volunteer and donated their time and energy to assist us in running an efficient event.

We would also like to thank the owner of Pat O'Brien for providing a wonderful venue.  A great big thanks to the staff at Pat O'Brien; Chirsta, Tish, Amber for their hard work, co-operation, and patience in their assistance in setting up the venue to provide a delightful and comfortable place to enjoy the classes, shows and dancing. This made for a memorable event.

A special and sincere thanks to various sponsors for their support and generosity:

Raquel Beechner

Amy and David Boucher

Robert Duran

Jenia and Arne Espe

Nick and Miryam Onaca

Matt Toczek

Flor De Maria Valle

Walt Tashnich

Ofek Levy and JuliAnna Briscoe

We hope to see all of you again at the next year's San Antonio Tango Festival 2024.

Thank you | Gracias,

Angela Avila & Roy Montejano

Jairelbhi & George Furlong

We will see you 2024

Testimonial & Photos

Flor De Maria Valle

Delighted with my experience at the San Antonio Tango Festival! Such a joyful and well-organized event throughout!


Thank you so much to the wonderful organizers Jairelbhi George Furlong & Angela Avila for constructing such an awesome festival for us all to enjoy!


Much love to all the remarkable instructors including: Guillermina Quiroga & Mariano LogiudiceGuillermo Merlo & Mariela Franganillo & John Turci-Escobar that graced us with their art and instruction! Kudos to all the performers!!


Also, thank you Conrad Ornstein for taking such beautiful photos & Lei Zhang for sharing all the performance videos!!


Grateful for all the amazing tandas and the camaraderie evident during the entirety of the festival!!

Guillermina Quiroga 

After a week we finished the second San Antonio Tango Festival, I want to thanks to the amazing organizers Angela Avila and Roy Montejano, Jairelbhi George Furlong , and George Furlong for their kindness, generosity, professionalism, and such beautiful event full of tangueros from many cities of USA.

Always a pleasure to work together with Mariela Franganillo, Guillermo Merlo, John Turci-Escobar, and my handsome partner Mariano Logiudicee.

Thank you

Mara Martinez

Grandes profesionales y personas Guillermina y Mariano


Mariela Franganillo

Angela Avila thank you for organizing an amazing festival!


Irina Yevgenyevna

Well done!!! Thank you organizers and dancers for spectacular show, great venue, historical location, warm atmosphere with Texas flavor!

Jenia Espe

Thank you, Angela. The festival was amazing.  Thank you for all the hard work.


Many thanks to you and Roy for a wonderful festival.

Alamo West Coast 


Miryam Onaca

So beautiful!!! 


JA Espe

San Antonio Tango festival was a big success! Special thank you to @Jairelbhi & George Furlong, @Angela Avila & Roy for this beautiful weekend!

Jaime Vazquez

Congratulations, Angela! You worked very hard for this.